website made simple: What is web development?

Web development refers to the process of developing a web site for either an intranet or the Internet. Web development can also include creating a more complicated web site consisting of web applications, interactive web pages, social networking services, and other social media applications.


In the past, web development was done primarily with computer software that consisted of using the WORD processor program. This type of software program involved using Microsoft FrontPage for designing the web site, as well as a programming language designed to create the applications used on the web site. It is important to note that FrontPage is no longer an option, as the program is no longer available for purchase.


In recent years, the popularity of web development has increased. Web design software programs are becoming more popular and are generally more capable than the previous versions that were available only to large organizations. Some programs are designed to be used by individuals, while others are designed to be used in larger companies. Many of the programs are developed in house at the organization, while others are purchased and developed by outside companies.


While the process of developing a web site can vary in depth, it basically involves creating a web site with a database to store information regarding the web site and providing an interactive interface. The database is commonly used to store information about the web site such as the website address, the name of the web site, and other information relevant to the web site. The interface is usually a browser-based application. Most of the time, the interface will have buttons that can be clicked to display different pages of information for the site.


When developing a web site, it is essential that there be links from the website to all of its other web sites, as well as to the outside world. A link is often referred to as an external link, although many times it can be considered a hyperlink.


Web development is a vital component to the process of marketing a business. The web site, which is created, provides visitors with the ability to purchase products or services offered on the web site, and helps the visitor to communicate with other users of the website.


With website development, it is not necessary to hire an in-house web designer, but it is highly recommended that one is hired. The reason is because the web designer will be responsible for all aspects of the website including designing the site and programming the code to make it run. The website designer may also be the person responsible for writing any code that is required to allow the web site to interact with the outside world.


Although most web development companies are not based in the United States, it is possible to locate web development companies that are. This can help those who are interested in hiring one of these companies to begin the process of developing their web site today.

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