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With over four decades of experience in the industry, Sylex has become well accustomed to the process of delivering exceptional pieces of office furniture. For years our manufacturers have designed only the best products that meet all our customers’ needs.


Sylex Ergonomics


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Sylex specializes in offering only the highest quality furniture for your office; it’s what we do. The talented individuals that our team is comprised of have put their years of experience in combination with an ability to transform visions into realities in order to cultivate an expansive array of bespoke products that will look perfect in any office space.

No matter what you are looking for, our diverse inventory ensures that you receive impeccable products at great prices. Each one of our products is designed with a mindset that has a foundation in creating an integrated approach between office machines and people. The key to a successful work environment is one that supports the comfort and enjoyment of its employees. This is something we believe in at our company and is why we are so passionate about delivering furniture that epitomizes this belief.

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